Have you as of late sent your Apple gadget to one of Apple’s physical stores to fix? In the event that you figured you could get them back at any point in the near future, reconsider. This is on the grounds that because of Apple closing down its physical stores until further notification, it appears that all gadgets left there for fix won’t be returned until they revive.

This was affirmed in a report from Business Insider, wherein an Apple representative revealed to them that was the situation. The representative additionally asserts that before the stores being closed down, Apple had attempted to connect with the clients who have left their gadgets at their stores for the fix, illuminating them that they had a constrained window to gather their devices.

Shockingly, either a few people were just excessively occupied or couldn’t be pestered, and all things considered, there are a few gadgets left in their stores that will be left there until the stores revive. Apple had recently closed their stores down on the fourteenth of March, where they foresaw that they would revive on the 27th of March.

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Be that as it may, as we stated, the organization later changed this to “until further notice”, which we have no clue when it will be, particularly given the ascent of the episode in the US and what number of are being asked to remain at home, and that numerous insignificant organizations are additionally being encouraged to close.

Source: ubergizmo


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